To the Ones who hurt us...

We have always thought of "The One" as the perfect individual, who sets your soul free on so many levels. They are supposed to love you as you are, because that is what you do for them. You fell in love with this amazing person, thinking that life would always be amazing. But what do you do when the dance is over? What are you supposed to think about love and relationships, after the person you saw growing old with, no longer wants to grow old with you?

I grew up seeing my parents have an amazing relationship, they talked about things, they did everything for us girls together, and even dealt with the issues of parenting together. It wasn't until I got older, that I realized things weren't always as perfect as I thought. I knew that they had argued, I even remember one fight in particular that my dad left. I remember seeing my mom so hurt and overcome with grief, that I prayed day and night, and even slept with a picture of my dad every night. I am so thrilled to announce that dad did come home and they worked through whatever it was.

Now that I am facing my own battles of hurt, anger, frustration, and grief, I can't help but wonder, is this how mom felt? She got up every day and did what she had to do, like the Queen she is. But my God do I even have half the strength she did, to do what I have to do where my little's are concerned?

All I can really say to the ones who hurt us is this, you may think you have the power now, but we will rise up like the Boss that we are and be even better because of what we are going through. I will one day look back and either be able to say to my kids "dad came back" or "because dad left, we are as strong as we are". I do hope for the first one, but can always be ready and willing to face the second. Because even though one wasn't strong enough to stay and follow through, there will be someone ready to sit at the plate left at the table.

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