To My Only Daughter

I don't know how to be a mother of a daughter and I can't help but feel some type of sorrow for the fact that you are my one and only GIRL!!! I know you see me interact with your brothers, I'm sure you feel either left out or unimportant to me. My sweet girl, nothing could be further from the truth, I'm just trying to keep them from killing themselves, each other, or ending up in the hospital for some broken something or other.

The deal is my lady bug, I don't have to fuss over you the way I do with them, because I know you have your head on straight. For right now, you are discovering the world, through the eyes of a Pre-teen and I know you are going to be confused. Please know that I am here, I will always be here. You hold a special place in my heart and soul, because you are my only girl. You were the one God saw fit to bless me with. One perfect, sweet, happy, caring, and loving little girl.

I was so scared when they told me you were a girl. I cried, not because I didn't want a girl, but because I knew the world for a girl and I didn't want that for you. I want you to continue to be happy, despite the heartache you will face. Know that your mama is always going to be here, to help you through anything you are going throw. I will fight for you, but I will also teach you to fight for yourself. I don't ever want you to think you can't do anything by yourself.

Now we are at the stage where boys are noticing you and you are reciprocating. My love, please don't think about boys right now, think of school and becoming anything in the world you want to be. Everything else will fall into place when it is supposed to. For now, enjoy the time you have. Enjoy the nights of tea and the Gold Girls with me. Enjoy the protection of the nest your dad and I have provided. Until such a time that you are ready to leave. Always remember you are my special baby, my only daughter, my mini me, and one day you will be my best friend. And don't tell your brothers, but you are my favorite!

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