The Life that I chose.

This isn't the life that I wanted...

I had dreamed of the life I would live, once I was old enough to leave the domain my parents had provided. I wanted to get out and see the world for what I knew that it could be. I knew that I wanted to be so much more than just the typical Hispanic girl. I was raised in a small town in New Mexico, it was filled with the typical cowboys, football games, and drag racers. The boys there thought they were so tough because they could fight, but we all knew they were just longing for the attention they weren't getting at home.

I was the daughter of a firefighter and a school teacher. They provided my two sisters and I with the structure of church on Sunday and strict discipline during the week. They worked hard to give us a good life, and there is not one thing that I could complain about. They loved us. I knew though, that I wanted more than the small town life. How does Belle in Beauty in the Beast say it? "I want so much more than this Provincial life." That was how I felt, I wanted more.

My ultimate dream was to graduate High School, join the Marines, and go to law school. I wanted to be something great. However, my oldest child did not think that was a good idea, and made hi grand appearance when I was the ripe age of 17. Now life had changed. I was married, had a child, and was still in my small home town. The statistic, the young mother, the one they all though wouldn't amount to much.

That was my drive; the one thing that was going to push me to be better than what everyone expected me to be. That was something I was good at doing, proving the world wrong. To this day, I am still proving the people in my world wrong. I am still married, added two more children to the mix, and am happy to announce, no longer in my small home town. I am still not where I had planned to be, but maybe I am where I am meant to be.

That was the hardest pill for me to swallow, What if I am meant to stay home and raise my family? What if the great thing I was destined to do in life, was raise the next generation of warriors and patriots? I know, I know a little too patriotic. What do you expect from someone who didn't join the Marines, but married it instead? I still got to see the world, just not the way I had imagined I would get to. I got to see it through the eyes of my children. The most innocent and beautiful way anyone could have imagined.

Nothing could make me more proud, of the life I chose!!!

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