Laughter through Tears

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but I want to know who came up with that. Was it someone who has never been so sick that they were able to heal from their laughter? Or perhaps the one person in the world, who has been through the wringer and can still come out smiling in the end? I guess we will never know.

As I sit here tonight with my oldest child, sipping on my Yogi Stress Relief tea, watching Legend of Kora on Netflix, laughing so hard that our sides hurt, I realize that there will never be any moment better than this. This is where I forget any other problems in the world. In the safety and comfort of my home, where the outside can't get in. Where we protect our family from all that could ever hurt them, but teach them to laugh through the pain when on the off chance it does come in.

Through all the pain I have ever felt in life, even the pain of childbirth, I was making those around me laugh. I was ensuring their comfort, by bringing them joy. A trait I have passed on to my children. There is nothing that I have not been able to fix for them, that didn't have a moment of laughter. I sit here and think of my friend, how strong she is going through what she is facing. The hope and prayers that she carries with her, day after day, night after night, "God please heal my husband and my heart. Bring the laughter back to my soul." I wish with all my heart I could fix it for her. I pray daily for them and hope they find their laughter through the tears.

I think of my mom; the days and the nights we have had conversations, that started out with tears and the questions of "why", but turned into hour long sessions of us laughing. The relationship I have with her, has been forged through laughter and tears. Finding the light at the end of the tunnel, of whatever stress I was bringing to her at that moment in time, was always brought on by laughter. Looking back on the memories that I have, there is always laughter. Which is what life should always be about.

Laugh until your sides hurt and your tears are no longer painful!

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