Being a Beautiful Goddess!!!!

You have often heard me talk about self care. Specially as a parent, we have to take care of ourselves. Let me tell you about the amazing way I did just that today!!!!!

So it was so lovingly scheduled for me by my spouse, for my birthday. He surprised me with two nights in a wonderful old hotel, dinner with him one of those nights, and AN AMAZING MASSAGE!!!!!

Let me tell you all about the Mountain Goddess Massage & Yoga Studio!

This little gem, was one I had not ever heard of and it is very much out of the way. I was skeptical at first, because I couldn't find the building! However, once I was greeted by Isabella McClellan and her adorable little companion Mr. Figgy, all my reservations melted away. She is exactly the person you want to be leading you to relaxation.

Her little studio is cozy and calm. The perfect ambiance complete with music that will lead you into meditation that you weren't exactly planning on doing.

I haven't had a massage in about 13 years, when I was pregnant with my daughter. I made her aware of this and she walked me through the process. For me, in every aspect of life, communication is key, specially if you are touching my body in any way. So this added multiple gold stars.

She began with the front of my body, starting at my neck and working her way down. Apparently, I have issues letting go of the control (who knew) of my body, because she had to remind me to let her handle the weight of my head and to breathe. Once I did though, Oh Mylanta, you would have thought that I had never been stressed a day in my life! Every single muscle in my body was completely melted in her hands, right down to my little toes, which you guessed it, she massaged them also!

I have never in my life had a hot stone massage, if you haven't either, I highly recommend getting one when you go visit her! I have also never had the type of experience I had with this Goddess of relaxation, (yes that is my new name for her), but it is definitely one I want everyone in my life to have and one I will be returning for, for years to come!

Thank you so much Isabella, you helped me reach a level of self love I have not had in so long!

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